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The Ministry of Technology in collaboration with the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka and TRCSL has arranged to provide free online learning platform licenses to facilitate online tuition classes.

Private tutors will need to register themselves to be able to obtain these free licenses


How it Works

Step 1

Register yourself on www.mytutor.edu.lk

Step 2

Once your request is received, a tenant (space) will be allocated to you within 7-14 days

Step 3

Once your tenant (space) is allocated, you will be given a basic training on the use of the Microsoft teams

Step 4


All tuition providers who reside in Sri Lanka

The license to utilize this platform is provided free of Charge for a maximum of 250 students per session.

 A tenant will be issued within 7 days of registering

No, You can only host one session at a time.

A maximum of 250 students will be allowed to participate in one session.

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